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We are a team of specialists each with more than 20 years’ experience across a variety of fields that can provide a seamless solution to any business or event.


As Event Professionals we come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from retail, hospitality, travel, legal, military and sport. In the Events World, we are used to changing business processes and operational procedures to reflect the event we are running or the environment we are in.


Our combined expertise, transferable skills and extended network enables us to provide support to any business or event through strategic consulting, operational planning and service delivery, and find solutions to overcome most challenges.

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Donna Taylor

A senior events executive with a successful track record in both commercial negotiations, sales and operations. Prior to her career in event management Donna worked in the travel industry and for a major hotel group.

Stephen Newport

A decisive leader with strong strategic planning, project management and global operational experience. Steve played professional football for 9 years, and earlier in his career practised as a lawyer and worked in professional sport.

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Kostas Zafeiropoulos

An experienced operations senior executive with a demonstrated history of working in the events services industry. Kostas was a basketball coach before he commenced his career in event management.



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We offer the following services to businesses and events anywhere across the globe:

  • Project management

  • Operational planning and readiness

  • Health and Safety management

  • Risk management

  • Contingency planning

  • Social distancing planning

  • People/pedestrian flow planning

  • Space plan optimisation

  • Crowd management strategies

  • Seat planning 

  • Signage and wayfinding

  • Market capacity assessments

  • Cost reduction strategies

  • Budget planning and reporting

  • Procurement and supply chain strategies

  • Stakeholder management

  • Facilities management planning

  • Staff scheduling

  • Headcount planning

  • Contract management

  • Feasibility studies

We also offer our Integrated Operational Planning (IOP) system which can provide you with a detailed Operational Plan for the “new normal” world, incorporating best practice solutions and inclusive of updated customer journeys, service levels and management plans, resource plans, space allocations, value engineering opportunities, testing and implementation of these new plans.



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Northampton Saints Venue Operational Review

Saints Stadium.jpg

The Challenge: review the operations of the Northampton Saints’ home venue to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved, while at the same time compliance with social distancing and other requirements are not compromised.


The Outcome: a report which included recommendations for the following areas:

  1. Seating allocation  

  2. Ingress and egress management

  3. Food concessions and bars operations

  4. Toilet requirements

  5. Workforce requirements

  6. Other operational area requirements

"DSK Consultants completed a thorough review of the operations at Franklin’s Gardens, home to Northampton Saints, ahead of the possible reopening of the stadium for spectators in the Autumn. DSK worked with our team to make a series of helpful recommendations and draft an implementation plan.

Principally, the recommendations focused on:

  • Optimising our ticketing revenue within the seating bowl 

  • Managing access and egress whilst maintaining social distancing 

  • Operating food concessions and bars, particularly in respect of location and queue management 

  • Managing bathroom facilities and queuing

  • Planning our workforce requirements to ensure social distancing is maintained by the public


We are extremely grateful for DSK Consultants' input. It has been invaluable in ensuring that once we can reopen, we will do so with a seamless operational plan in place."

Mark Darbon​

Chief Executive

Northampton Rugby Football Club Ltd 

Ashgabat 2017 Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games

Ashgabat 2017 Olympic Park.jpg

The Challenge: design, plan and operate a number of facilities (permanent and  temporary) within the Olympic Park, offering services to a high number of spectators and guests

Ashgabat 2017 Opening Ceremony .jpg

The Outcome: successful space design, fit-out, flow management, wayfinding, efficient staffing, cost and resource management, and service delivery to accommodate up to 700,000 spectators and guests attending the Games

Athletes Village, Baku 2015 European Games

Baku 2015 Athletes Village.JPG

The Challenge: turning the ground floor of a residential building of the Athletes Village to a  Dining Hall for the Baku 2015 European Games Test Events

Baku 2015 Athletes Village Dining HallJPG

The Outcome: a fully operational Dining Hall for up to 2,000 Athletes Village residents

Exhibition Centre (“ExCeL”), London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Exhibition Centre (ExCeL).jpg

The Challenge: turning an empty exhibition hall of 40,000 square metres into a venue hosting 7 Olympic (boxing, table tennis, taekwondo, judo, wrestling, weightlifting, fencing) and 6 Paralympic sports over 26 days of competition with over 2,000 athletes,1,000,000 spectators and 8,000 staff

London 2012 ExCel.jpg

The Outcome: arguably the most complex Olympic venue ever, successfully planned and delivered with catering facilities, security screening, health and safety, transport services, crowd management for all athletes, spectators and staff

And many more

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The challenge
UK Gov COVID-19 Guidance and support.jpg
UK Gov COVID-19 Employers and businesses

The challenge: run your business according to the COVID-19 social distancing rules & regulations.

There is a wider opportunity to benefit your business for longer term improvement and efficiency. Now is the best opportunity you will ever have to implement change and increase efficiency.​

DSK Consultants can assist you to Reset Your Business, meet all rules & regulations and make the most of this unique opportunity.

Prepare your business for social distancing

Our software’s suite of social distancing tools and calculators helps businesses plan for the new normal.


Instantly access capacity, queuing and space requirements to support robust planning and provide assurance to stakeholders and clients.


Our software’s social distancing calculators have been developed in collaboration with world leading crowd management experts.

Seating bowl assessment

Watch our video to see how our seating bowl assessment can help you safely maximise revenue and occupancy whilst maintaining social distancing, when you open your doors to the spectators

How can we assist you?

Based on the COVID-19 social distancing rules & regulations we can:

  • Review your facility’s common spaces layouts and propose new layouts as required

  • Review your room allocation plan and propose alternative solutions as required

  • Review the facility’s customer and staff flow and propose new ones as required

  • Review your waiting and queuing areas layouts and propose new layouts as required

  • Review your kitchen and food preparation areas layout and procedures and propose new procedures and layouts as required

  • Review your facility’s signage and wayfinding and propose new signage as required

  • Review you workforce requirements and scheduling process and propose new process as required

  • Assist you with procurement of all new equipment required such as signage, PPE, software etc as required



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